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Thursday, August 15 2019
Who Is The Entertainer, Owner Behind Funny Face Entertainment?


My name is Kellie, and I am the founder of Funny Face Entertainment. I am the owner, the entertainer, Face Painter, Balloon Twister & office lady, so every time you make contact with Funny Face Entertainment, you will be touching base with me :) - Kellie.

If you need some professional advice, you can rest assure you will have an experts opinion, & I am always willing to recommend what I feel would work best in your situation. I will always give you my honest opinion, or strategy of what I have found works best, from my own personal experience, & I realise that everyone is unique, & we all have different interest, & like different things.

How did I become the founder of Funny Face Entertainment?

For my whole life, I have always loved painting & creating arty things, then as a young adult, I realised that I purely enjoyed making children happy, & the best way to bring them happiness, was to create "Colour & Fun for everyone" - which is my business motto.

Children learn through Colour, Play & Fun, so this is the best method to create a memorable moment, which they will remember forever.

My Beliefs

I believe that all kids deserve to be happy, & to smile everyday - especially on their birthday.

"Busy Kids are happy kids"!

I believe that all children should be encourage to use their own imaginations, & they are allowed to have a dream, & most importantly they should be encouraged to speak for themselves, as these are all the things which will eventually turn a child into an amazing adults one day.

This is the reason why I encourage all little people, to do all of the above, & then I like to let children challenge me to face paint anything that they are dreaming about.

When I get asked to paint a fairy, I don't paint what I have pictured in my mind, instead I ask the child a few questions

  • What's your favourite colour?
  • Tell me a little bit about the fairy which they have in mind.
  • Do they like flowers, stars, rainbows, strawberries, glitter, etc.

This then gives me the ability to create exactly what each child has imagined, it allows each child to speak for themself, & it encourages them to use their own imagination.

It also encourages them to be unique, & shows them that they don't have to follow what someone else has done, although if they want the same face paint as what someone else has painted on their face, I would always be more than happy to grant them that wish.

Face Painting, Balloon Twisting OR Games? Hmmmm - What Should I choose?

I have designed all my party packages, around what I have found to be the most popular, & have tried to cover all different budgets too; but I do realise that we are all unique, & sometimes require different things, or the timeframe required might not be something that really suits you, so I like to encourage everyone to tell me what they are hoping for, that way we can work together & come up with a solution that is going to work well, with your best interest in mind.

Where Do You Perform Now?

I am a full time performer, & I perform with both my Face Painting & Advanced Balloon Twisting skills for hundreds of venues, including, shopping centres, corporate events, holiday parks, Taverns, weddings, aged care venues & thousands of parties.

My main spot each week is at the "Benowa Tavern" every Friday & Saturday night, where children come from everywhere to receive either 1 of my colourful created balloon sculptures or a beautiful unique face paint design.

It is always a special night of fun for the kids, & even some adults join in on the fun (if I have enough time).

I also perform regularly at Bunnings Southport, Bunnings Nerang, over school holidays & for their events, & big Family Fun Nights.

What Has Prepared You, To Know How To Handle Children? A  Little History.

I have entertained children for over 18 years, so with many years in this industry, I have worked out, what works, & what doesn't work, this is very important, in every area, especially when organising games, for the right age group.

Over the years I have also earned my certificate III - in education support, & ran my own "Family Day Care Centre", this along with ongoing training every year in both Face Painting & Balloon Twisting workshops, & raising my own children, is what has helped me get myself & Funny Face Entertainment, to the high standard which it is at today.

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